Accident Investigation

Lab Safety Ireland have significant experience in investigating accidents involving hazardous substances and materials, often acting as an independent investigator for serious incidents. This approach works well to ensure an investigation is impartial and balanced. We have been involved in investigating over 100 accidents to date involving chemicals and physical and biological agents where employees have suffered workplace injuries or serious incidents such as fires or explosions occurred.

We have also acted for the client in liaising with Health and Safety Authority Inspectors and other state agencies. We will carry out interviews with key personnel, establish the facts relating to the root cause/s of the incident and prepare a detailed report which identifies the appropriate corrective and preventive actions to ensure a similar accident does not happen in the future.

Lab Safety Ireland offer the following services in relation to incident management:

  • Completion of statutory accident reports such as IR1 and IR3
  • Independent accident investigation and reporting
  • Advising clients on immediate incident response actions in urgent situations such as chemical incidents, unstable substances etc.
  • Expert witness
  • Liaison on behalf of the employer with statutory agencies, safety representatives etc.
  • Revision or preparation of risk assessments or safety support documentation as part of the corrective action process
  • Preparation or revision of incident reporting and monitoring systems