Lab Design Safety Advice

Lab Safety Ireland provide a unique safety service for lab refurbishment or new lab construction projects to ensure safety issues are identified at the design stage. It is very common in our experience that lab designers are not aware of critical lab safety design features or even European Standards relating to lab design or safety equipment. Typically on each project we will identify incorrectly positioned chemical fume hoods, furniture layouts which do meet minimum space requirements, unidentified oxygen depletion risks, disjointed workflows, areas with inadequate fire escape measures, and inadequate provision of segregated safety storage cupboards or other key safety equipment.

We work with the client and architect/design team in the laboratory design process to ensure international and European laboratory design health and safety criteria are incorporated at the design stage. This will save significant retrofitting costs in the future as well as improving laboratory workflow and layout efficiency. The first stage is to carry out a laboratory “Design Hazard Review” (DHR) which is a preliminary risk assessment designed to identify potential lab hazards, space needs, special service provision, and subsequent safety equipment requirements. We have worked on all types of lab facilities including biological containment labs, analytical chemistry labs, NMR labs, R&D labs and teaching labs etc.