Risk Assessments

Suitable and sufficient risk assessments are critical for appropriate risk management and legal compliance. Risk assessment is the cornerstone of safety management and a fundamental aspect of all Health and Safety Acts and Regulations.

Lab Safety Ireland provide a comprehensive risk assessment solution to ensure the often complex risks associated with hazardous substances are appropriately addressed in a legally compliant manner. In tandem with the review of hazardous substance use, we prepare an "action plan" which will document where existing controls are inadequate and detail the actions required to ensure compliance.

Risk assessments are carried out by competent safety consultants with Masters level qualifications who have hands on experience working with and risk assessing hazardous agents and materials in a variety of environments. We can also provide tailored solutions such as bespoke risk assessment systems and templates and staff risk assessment training.

We provide the following risk assessment services in close consultation with key client personnel:

  • Chemical risk assessment preparation
  • Hazardous area and equipment risk assessment preparation
  • Biological agents risk assessment preparation
  • Oxygen depletion risk assessment preparation (e.g. compressed gas/cryogen storage areas)
  • Risk assessment gap analysis on existing risk assessments
  • Preparation of risk assessment action plans

Revision or preparation of Safety Statements based on risk assessment outcomes

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