Safety Auditing

Lab Safety Ireland is a leading provider of hazardous substance and hazardous area safety audits.  Our auditors are competent health and safety professionals who are also qualified lead auditors.

Our audits include compliance with relevant health and safety legislation and best practice.  We include detailed recommendations in our reports which you can use as an action plan to improve compliance.

We have extensive experience undertaking specialist auditing, working with multinational organisations as subject matter experts on their audit teams or carrying out independent hazardous substance compliance audits.

Our audit services include:

  • Lab safety audits
  • Biosafety compliance audits
  • Developing client audit systems
  • Accreditation audit gap analysis
  • Audit team subject matter expert
  • Chemical safety compliance audits
  • General site safety compliance auditing
  • Compressed gas safety compliance audits
  • Workplace safety inspections or management reports on hazardous substance or materials safety issues

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