Safety Documentation

Lab Safety Ireland have extensive experience drafting and revising safety support documentation for managing hazardous substance and materials exposures. Written instructions and appropriate information must be provided to employees in order to comply with various health and safety regulatory requirements and we can ensure that they contain the appropriate information.

We tailor bespoke documentation specific to your site or area hazards as opposed to providing generic documentation which does not meet legal requirements.

Our core services in this area include preparation of the following:

  • Safety Statements
  • Specific Safety Statement sections relating to hazardous substances and materials
  • Specific hazardous substances policies and procedures relating to for e.g. chemical safety management, emergency spills, personal protective equipment, biosafety management, compressed gas safety management and physical hazards
  • Biosafety manuals
  • Chemical safety manuals
  • Audit and inspection checklists and procedures
  • Hazardous substance risk assessment templates

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